Our services are intended for those who cannot afford typical private therapy rates and are not eligible for public services.

Also please not that while we receive numerous referrals from MCFD, Probation and Health Authority sites, they DO NOT fund our services and we may not always be able to accommodate the needs of such referrals.

$50 for individual counselling, $65 for couples/families*
with Clinical Counsellor, no waits. Languages: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish

Location: Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford

text 778-321-3054, e-mail counsellor@movingforwardfamilyservices.com or call 778-321-3054,

If cost is a barrier, we offer lower fee services with interns on practicums. In exceptional circumstances, we can further reduce or waive the fee. 

We provide the following options for counselling:


  • Counselling with a Clinical Counsellor ($50 individual /$65 for couples and families). There is no waits for this service. If you chose this option, please be advised that services are provided by the Counsellor (not Moving Forward Family Services); we simply provide the referral to the Counsellor. All subsequent correspondence should be with the Counsellor, and any Client-related material is kept by that Counsellor.
  • $20 services with fully insured, supervised Interns on practicums. Current wait times: 1-2 weeks. Note that there may be limited services available evenings and weekends for this service.
  • Services for less than $20 with fully insured, supervised Interns on practicums. Note that these services are only available during the weekdays, between 9 am and 4 pm. Current waits: 2-3 weeks. Proof of low/no income required for this service.

*If you have extended health and/or other coverage, your fees will first be applied to your insurer at standard rates

A missed appointment without 24 hours advance notice will result in a missed appointment fee and/or may result in discontinuation of services

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone who behaves in a threatening or abusive manner towards any of our staff, interns or volunteers