A World Without Sorrow


Empowering underserved communities through accessible counselling

Moving Forward Family Services (MFFS) is a mentorship agency – providing counselling and social work practice opportunities to interns and new graduates beginning private practice. We receive funding for clinical supervision (supervisors who support interns and new graduates) and these supervisors in turn oversees an agency that has over 125 part-time counsellors, social workers and interns on post-secondary practicums, providing support to some of our most vulnerable communities. Community support also comes by way of donated space.

This unique model allows the agency to offer timely, affordable (including free for those with no income) counselling and support without being bound by restrictions based on gender, age, geography or presenting issues. It also allows MFFS to complement existing services (as opposed to competing with them for the same pools of traditional funding) thus reducing pressures on these services.  MFFS is committed to building and contributing to healthy, healing communities.

Public services tend to be triage and short-term – the medical model of care. They also tend to be restrictive in who they serve (strict eligibility) and marked by waits. Private services tend to be more open and have minimal waits, but tend to be financially out of reach for many. MFFS attempts to bridge the gap between the two models – offering low cost services that are flexible and have the potential for long-term healing. Through community-based, grassroots efforts we envision a world without sorrow.

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Do You require URGENT care? Health Authorities, provincial Ministries and School Districts provide urgent and short-term care in British Columbia. Consider accessing these services if in need of urgent care: (while some services offer drop-in, if possible, try calling first as hours may change due to Covid-19)   See RESOURCES page for URGENT resources

 Services Offered

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