Note: the following information is for prospective interns attending private institutions and who require individual direct clinical counselling supervision as part of their internships. If you are a student at a public post-secondary institution or part of a program that is not solely clinical counselling-focused (social work, social service work, public administration, health care) there may be opportunities for placement  without any fee-for-supervision component – so feel free to inquire via 


Thank you for your interest in exploring an internship with Moving Forward Family Services.

I started Moving Forward after realizing that gaps in services continued despite all the service providers acknowledging the need to collaborate and genuinely wanting to but often encountering blocks/silos… and so I decided to not just talk about it/acknowledge it, but actually try to do something  about it.

Moving Forward is a registered non-profit and registered charity and our goal  is to make counselling and support services accessible to anyone who needs it. Anyone wanting counselling will be able to access it, regardless of age, gender, presenting issue, etc. We do not receive any direct funding to deliver a program (in November 2019 we received funding from the Ministry for Mental Health and Addictions, which allows us to sustain current operations), instead we operate through sub-contracts and relying on community support (via supporting our annual fundraiser and through contributing space, thus keeping our costs low). We have no admin and no hierarchy. We have dozens of fully insured interns providing counselling to vulnerable clients, and qualified supervisors overseeing this work. We receive 50-75 referrals a week, which likely makes us one of the busiest counselling agencies – government, non-profit or private –  in the province. Our interns complete their internship having had a well rounded experience that then allows them to apply for diverse jobs within the counselling field.

While I am proud of our model, I must recognize the lack of funding means we supervisors are stretched quite thin. Therefore I have pulled in other qualified supervisors, but these supervisors are only available as a fee-for-supervision service.

So if interested in exploring the option of a placement with Moving Forward while paying for supervision (so clients are provided by Moving Forward, at one of our main sites, or our partner sites, while supervision is provided by the fee-for-service supervisor .. group supervision opportunities, without any cost but only in addition to, not replacing, individual supervision) we would be happy to explore that possibility. We also offer regular affordable in-house training for our interns/counsellors, such as introduction to Solution Focused Therapy, Introduction to DBT, Introduction to Narrative Therapy, Introduction to Working with Couples and Introduction to Working with Children.

Again feel free to reach out if interested by emailing, otherwise we wish you the best in your search!


Gary Thandi, MSW RSW
Founder and Executive Director


Supervision is “a working alliance between two professionals where supervisees offer an account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback, and receive guidance if appropriate. The object of this alliance is to enable the worker to gain in ethical competency, confidence and creativity as to give the best possible services to clients” (Inskipp and Proctor, 2001).  Moving Forward Family Services Society’s Expectations of / Goals of Supervision include the following:

  • To help supervisees explore alternative means of understanding and intervening with particular client issues.
  • To help supervisees explore past and present experiences of therapeutic work and to find ways to develop their own unique therapeutic style.
  • To help supervisees have a better (more integrated) sense of the therapeutic and/or social work process.
  • Supervisors and other team members must collaborate with the supervisee toward the acquisition of specific skills and knowledge related to working with diverse clients.
  • Interns are full members of the Moving Forward Family Services Society Team and have all the same rights as afforded other Team members.
  • To help supervisees develop principles of best professional practice.
  • Recognition that the supervision relationship is an opportunity for a two-way knowledge / information exchange. Supervisees are therefore encouraged to share knowledge and information frequently.
  • To help supervisees to develop positive and professional working relationship with agencies, employers, in house supervisors, peers and colleague.
  • To help supervisees develop professional confidence and an enhanced ability to act autonomously in their working context.
  • That Moving Forward Family Services Society will provide access to training opportunities (in-house and external).
  • To recognize that, while an inherent power imbalance exists, the supervisor must endeavour to create an open and supportive relationship between supervisor and supervisee that allows the latter to feel comfortable to express themselves.
  • That supervisor is trained and access frequent opportunities to develop their own supervision skills.
  • That supervisor of Masters Interns have both training and a minimum of a Masters Degree in a related field; that supervisors of Bachelors Interns have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in a related field.
  • That the agency meets the hours requirements required by the intern’s school.
  • That the agency, where applicable, meets the hours requirements of the intern’s professional registration body.
  • That the agency meets or exceeds the requirements as laid out by the intern’s school.
  • To help supervisees develop principles of best professional and ethical decision-making practice.


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