Moving Forward Family Services (MFFS) is an innovative non-profit agency that provides counselling to anyone who needs it in Surrey and surrounding areas.

MFFS embraces the evidence-based model of community-university engagement, which recognizes and values the significant contribution that post-secondary communities can make to address the social and emotional needs of the community that they too belong to.

MFFS also relies on the community at large for support; this may include philanthropists who donate money to support our mission, as well as donations of space where we can operate out of. Our in-kind space donations easily amount to more than a quarter million dollars annually. We received 50-75 new client referrals/self-referrals per week, with an active weekly caseload of several thousand clients. Wait lists for these services are minimal.

MFFS is committed to work with community partners to provide more holistic, integrated services to clients, as well as to reduce the pressures on existing services – in particular, needs outstripping resources, thus leading to:

  • long wait lists
  • resources having to go towards acute crisis instead of early intervention/prevention
  • increasing ‘specialization’ meaning more and more clients not fitting a program mandate and an agency being less able to collaborate, as their mandate may be significantly different than another agency’s mandate, even though a client can benefit from integrated services across agencies
  • placing limits on sessions therefore not allowing for long-term healing
  • high demands leading to less ability to collaborate (no time)
  • lack of culturally and linguistically responsive services

Our services are intended for those who cannot afford typical private therapy rates and are not eligible for public services. Please note that our counsellors/social workers are typically newer graduates or interns on school practicums therefore if you are looking for experienced (for example 5-plus years) you should instead contact private therapists or direct service providers within the public sector, such as Fraser Health or Vancouver Coastal Health Mental Health and Addiction Services, Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) Child and Youth Mental Health, School District Counsellors or non-profit agencies in your community that are funded by Health Authorities, Schools Districts or MCFD.

Our Mission

Our Mission and purpose at Moving Forward Family Services is to provide affordable counselling services in a safe and ethical environment with a client-centered, anti-racist and anti-oppressive approach.

Our Vision

Our vision at Moving Forward Family Services Society is to bridge the gaps in services by eliminating counselling wait lists, deconstructing barriers in accessing affordable counselling and developing strong relationships within the community.

Services are provided by insured and highly qualified, fully supervised Registered Clinical Counsellors, Registered Social Workers with Masters Degrees, and interns from accredited Masters of Counselling Psychology, Masters of Social Work, Degree or Diploma programs.


We currently have 30+ community partners, with that number growing each year.

Our partners include elementary schools, non-profits, community organizations,  private medical practices, government, and universities. The majority of our operating space is donated. We work with our community, for our community.

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